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Marcia Bodenstein

For 40 years, Marcia Bodenstein wandered in a desert of poor health and excess weight, searching for the Promised Land. During that long quest, she gathered a host of personal experiences from the wide spectrum of eating disorders and tried nearly every method available to lose weight, but to no permanent avail.

She took her first diet pill when she was 10 years old, was addicted to amphetamines for eight years thereafter and then moved on to almost all of the available health organizations, diet groups, experimental programs, liquid proteins, shots, ear staples, spas, fasts, herbs, doctors and hospitals. She suffered from high blood pressure and high cholesterol for years. Her self-esteem, her social life, her body and her health suffered in unison.

Marcia lost over 100 pounds thrice over the years, but the losses themselves were eventually lost as well, as she put back the pounds time and time again. "My weight diminished me in many ways throughout my entire life," she says.

Today, Marcia is approximately 130 pounds down from her top weight of over 250 pounds and she has kept that total off for over six years. "It was only through changing my lifestyle that the weight came off and continues to stay off, specifically through Start Fresh," she says. "The Start Fresh Weight Control Program and the online program both consist of motivation and information, and a focus on control rather than 'diet' per se, which is the key to a lasting weight loss."

Marcia believes in this concept so strongly that although she hails from a traditional executive/corporate background professionally, she gave up her "day" job to work for Start Fresh 17 years ago. Since then, she has devoted her life to spreading the health. She has become a renowned instructor and, essentially, the driving force behind the health mission of

Marcia is also currently the International Director of Operations for both the website and the Start Fresh Weight Control Program. She answers a lot of our members' questions through "Ask The Pros" and is here to answer other questions, whether specific to the food plan or not. With her experience and expertise, she will regularly host our online chats and lectures. Go ahead and get to know her!