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It was over twenty five years ago, when Erma Bressler lost 70 pounds healthfully and her Flatbush, Brooklyn neighbors took notice. A weekly exodus to Erma’s house followed – to share her scale, listen to her motivational insights, exercise together and learn to prepare quick, lowfat recipes in her kosher kitchen. When others heard there was a kosher person cooking up traditional dishes and inspiring weight loss success, they lined up.

Thus Start Fresh Weight Control Program, Inc., the first kosher weight control program was born.

Meanwhile, Dr. Robert Bressler, the founder’s husband, who has also achieved weight loss success, initiated a Start Fresh program exclusively for men, and commandeered the men’s division – leading classes complete with lectures and specialized exercise routines.

Shortly thereafter, at the company’s headquarter in Borough Park, Brooklyn, member Marcia Bodenstein lost over 100 pounds, kept it off, began to speak at classes and became famous in kosher communities for her inspirational lectures. She is the innovator of the all new and extremely successful SPEEDSTARTTM Program. Today, Marcia serves as the CEO for the Start Fresh Weight Control Program. She will also be available on different features of our website.

Start Fresh developed kosher snacks, side dishes and meals to help members reach their goals. Calls came in from Jewish communities around the world requesting satellite classes in their neighborhood and products delivered to their homes. Start Fresh began to plan a global presence on the internet and sought to address the needs of all who were interested in a healthy way to lose weight while respecting the needs that accompany being kosher.

After 25 years of working on health and weight loss issues in the Orthodox Jewish community, Start Fresh has become known as the authority on kosher weight loss. A kosher lifestyle as a whole influences how we eat and how we can eat more healthfully.

We know how hard it is to actually dedicate yourself to YOURSELF but, in the long run, everyone else who depends on you will benefit from your positive example, your refreshed outlook on life, and your newfound health and well being...

Welcome to this new era in the life of We invite you to travel along with us on the kosher superhighway. Our destination, as always, is health.

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