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Meet the people behind the screen who come to work for you almost every day to bring you quality service and content and answer all of your kosher dieting questions…

Erma S. Bressler
The Start Fresh Weight Control Program

Erma’s intelligence, creativity, and determination as well as her weight loss resulted in this brainstorm of a business. Erma’s retired now, but we hope to have some guest lectures, and informative articles by the founder of Start Fresh.

Marcia Bodenstein
The Start Fresh Weight Control Program
Primary Consultant

Marcia’s knowledge of today’s health information coupled with a charismatic personality that conveys warmth, understanding, and deep intelligence makes her the most sought after lecturer at Start Fresh. Her sense of humor, choice of words and original thoughts will keep you fascinated as you embark on your journey to better health.

Dr. Robert S. Bressler P.H.D.
Director, Men's Program
The Start Fresh Weight Control Program Consultant

Erma’s husband, fondly known as Bob, takes a brief respite from his heavy teaching schedule as a professor to run the Men’s division. Bob’s easygoing personality makes you feel that dieting is a breeze... Why not try it?

Susan Feldman

Susan was a lucky catch for Start Fresh. When the idea for a website was taken into consideration the big question loomed. Who would undertake the editing end? Everyone at Start Fresh Weight Control Program has a full day’s work. Then came Susan. With brilliance, talent, and the ability to anticipate any type of situation, Susan captured the essence of Start Fresh in words. She proceeded to create the only interactive kosher diet website. Her easy style makes you comfortable and feel well taken care of in the comfort of your home.

Susan’s talents extend to the food end as well. She has created numerous recipes and collected many others for the benefit of our members.

Lea Stein
Program Administrator

Do you have any questions or comments on anything on this site? Be in touch with Lea. She is the one that's totally informed in every area on this site and can answer any questions or direct you to the right party.

Shloime Henig
Site Developer and Webmaster

Shloime is the driving force behind this wonderful site. His intelligence, attention to detail and devotion to the end result, produces this wonderful masterpiece.

Rachel Rosenberg
Adminstrative Assistant

Rachel does anything you’ll ask of her and more. She steps above and beyond her call of duty with her good word to everybody, accuracy in money matters, and genuine devotion to all clients. Rachel is the one who answers the phone in a most pleasant manner and never forgets to relay a message! If you call, you’ll see that for yourself...

Miriam Kowalsky
Startfresh Weight Control Program

Miriam has successfully kept off all the weight she lost for 20 years. She inspires clients with informative lectures, giving them all the time they need to discuss their goal weight and how to reach it.