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For Weight Loss and Good Health Reap the benefits of over 25 years of health and weight loss experience the kosher way. Our parent company Start Fresh Weight Control Program Inc., has established a reputation through its large client base in the largest kosher communities in New York City and along the East Coast of the United States. Following its tradition will give you your own daily food plan customized to meet your needs and preferences. We’ll help you meet your weight loss and fitness goals in accordance with your kosher lifestyle. We know (first hand) that holidays boast traditional fat-laden foods and family lives are hectic and demanding. If you’d like, we’ll create meals for you or we’ll offer you selections you can choose from to create your own meals.

For SPEEDSTART Do you need to be motivated by a speedy start? Our Speedstart 4 week program says it all.

Our diet starts off with a SPEEDSTARTTM program for the first four weeks. You will be given food choices with exact amounts. Each week we will expand your list of choices to include foods from all food groups, never losing sight of our commitment to a nutritionally sound food plan.

The choices and amounts offered to you depend on your age, gender, amount of weight you want to lose, etc...

After four weeks, you will "graduate" to the PROGRAM FOR LIFETM in which you are reintroduced to all foods through a STARSAVERSTM system. You are encouraged to make healthy choices all along and vegetables are always unlimited!

We also give you a choice of two plans to follow. You can either choose Plan A in which we plan your exact daily menu, or Plan B which gives you the flexibility to plan your own meals after being given the selections of the day.

For FREE MAINTENANCE Once you have reached your goal we have a specially developed and proven maintenance plan. As long as you stay between three lbs up or down of your goal you can continue to use our services FREE OF CHARGE.

For Healthier Kosher LivingThis website is chock full of updated information regarding Jewish, kosher and health issues. As we go through the calendar year you will watch Jewish holidays come alive with real life tips on planning, preparing, and finally practicing good habits even then.

There is an extensive kosher recipe library, complete with special traditional holiday and Sabbath dishes prepared healthfully and in congruence with the SPEEDSTART program.

For Intriguing and Reliable Information We’ll also bring you experts in weight loss motivation, kosher issues, healthy eating and fitness, who will share their knowledge with you and highlight current news for you.

For Outreach and Discussion You can also talk to your kosher counterparts in the global Jewish community through about health, being kosher, events and issues of interest to you. You can also share ideas, swap recipes and learn juggling tips from others living “la vida kosher” around the world.

For Privacy Do you like the fact that “nobody knows you’re dieting” and then BINGO there’s the new you! This is the best place to remain completely anonymous in the privacy of your own home or workplace.

For Exercising and FUN! We will also provide you with exercise routines for cardiovascular workout and spot toning for all areas of your body as you adjust your eating habits to a healthier lifestyle.

For the Ability to Incorporate All Foods not typically associated with a “diet” in your food plan, so that you never feel deprived.

For Personalization You receive personalization as if you were a TIP paying 500 dollars for a 6 week session. All your health concerns, dietary preferences are taken into account when a menu plan is being formed. And if it doesn’t suit your needs, just click again and you have even more options.

Your membership will provide you with the tools to live healthfully so you can feel good every day of your life.

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