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The Fasting Guide
Marcia Bodenstein    11/11/13

For times when we have fast days to observe, it’s important to know how to incorporate the fast into your food plan or your food plan into the fast, whichever best describes what you feel you are doing. Ironically, most people with weight to lose would have a hard time not eating on a typical day but on fast days of spiritual importance, it is much easier because of our faith and dedication. It’s similar to how easy it is to pass up foods simply because they are not kosher, yet it’s not easy to pass up kosher chocolate cake. Strange, huh? Here are some ideas about fasting to help get you through your fast healthfully.

  1. A few days before the fast, start to decaffeinate. Cut down on the amounts of coffee, tea and diet colas that you use. The reduction in stimulants found in caffeine results in a more relaxed feeling.

  2. Drink plenty of water before the fast day. This will flush out accumulated waste and salt.

  3. Don’t think that over-eating the day before will make you feel less hungry on the fast day. It won’t. Eat normally – according to your program the day before, so that your body can function properly.

  4. Attitude is the key to making it through the post-fast meal properly. There is no need to stuff yourself; in fact, it takes less food to fill our bodies after a fast!

  5. Make you post-fast meal a dinner portion and you can also include a snack in your post-fast eating.

  6. Don’t grab the first foods that come into sight once the fast is over. Plan what you are going to eat, figure out how many starches, proteins, etc., you are allowed to have and then sit down to eat, eat slowly and enjoy what you are eating.

  7. Use the time to think about what this day really means – a time or renewal, a time of strength – and apply it to your eating habits as well as to the other aspects of your life.

  8. Renew your commitment to your program or to eating and living healthfully and think about the feeling of good health and well-being. Plan and prepare to take the steps to make your dream come true.