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This past October was my "Bat Mitzvah", 12 years as a StartFresh maintenance member. I carry the SF badge proudly and I am grateful to be part of the StartFresh family.

Esther W., Brooklyn, NY

I love your Speedstart Program. The cravings are gone and I have broken some bad eating habits. This is the only weight-loss plan that has ever worked for me. I now weigh as much as I did when I got married. After having 4 children it’s great to be where I started off.

Gittel, Crown Heights, NY

I have a man’s appetite. I need a lot of real food. My friend recommended and I love the fact that there is enough food for me. I also find that I always need to "answer" to someone. Thanks Lea, for never forgetting a weekly weigh-in.

Menachem, Edison, NJ

Please consult your doctor or health care professional before embarking on this or any other weight control or exercise plan.
Although your food plan is customized, any specific symptom and/or medical condition must be discussed with your physician.


Start Fresh Weight Loss Guarantee:
If you don't reach your goal within 6 month— you get the next 6 months FREE.
The following conditions need to be met in order to qualify for the StartFresh Guarantee: Weight loss goal must be mutually agreed upon.
At least 90% of the daily meals must be setup. Membership must be continuous for 6 months. There must be recorded weekly weigh ins.