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Nine Ways to Stay on Track

Here, at the gym, the basic exercises you'll learn will truly serve you well. Your fitness routine will:
  • Tone your body so your muscles help you in your quest to burn fat;
  • Boost your aerobic capacity so your cardiovascular system is conditioned to help you get fit faster and become healthier;
  • Uplift your spirits;
  • Give you time to de-stress and organize your mind;
  • Set the foundation for your new eating habits, so you won't want to abandon them; and
  • Enhance your metabolism so you lose the weight faster and more efficiently.

At the right, you'll see the workout stations we've designed to target different areas of your body through a variety of techniques. You can go from section to section as you please, as long as you make sure you warm up beforehand and cool down and stretch afterwards.

These links are the doors at which Fitness knocks, but wasn't he was supposed to be living in your house already? Don't hesitate to correct that situation -- fling these doors open and welcome Fitness into your life forever.